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Thank you for choosing SIP Panel Techn­­ologies for your development project


SPT is the right choice and the modern solution to rising construction costs, growing building restrictions and the increasing demand for green buildings. Where low cost, quick construction, earthquake resistance, fire resistance, and thermal efficiency are desired, SPT’s Mag SIP panel is the solution.


The Mag SIP panel is simply superior to every other building system in use today. It is a fast build system enhanced by SPT’s proprietary quick connect technology that allows a typical building envelope to be completed in days rather than weeks or months. There are no wet trades to worry about, and unlike other systems, winter construction is not a problem. Mag SIP is low cost and saves on both labor and materials. Assembly is a simple straightforward process that requires no specialized labor. It is a green product and boasts excellent thermal efficiency. The Mag SIP panel is a comprised of a magnesium oxide skin and a PUR core. This offers multiple advantages over inferior panels using OSB skins and or EPS cores. The MGO skin offers excellent fire resistance vs OSB which quickly bursts into flames. The PUR core offers far superior thermal efficiency and energy savings vs EPS cores. The PUR core also doesn’t have the problems of delamination that occurs with the “lick and stick” EPS cores. Where seismic activity is a concern, the Mag SIP panel offers a level of earthquake resistance that is unsurpassed by any other system. The Mag SIP panel far exceeds all international earthquake standards and in fact passed the maximum earthquake the European testing facility could generate which was an 11.0 on the Mercali scale, with no damage to either the panels or the joints holding them together.


SIP Panel Technologies has received European Agrément Certification and is the first and only SIP panel manufacturer fully certified to sell structural MGO panels in Eastern Europe.


With over 50 years of general contracting experience in both the US and European markets, our team understands the challenges builders and developers face and we are here to offer practical, efficient, and economical solutions to those challenges.


SIP Panel Technologies is western owned and operated with production facilities located in Southeast Europe. This provides our customers the advantages of the quality, timeliness and reliability of the west with a reduced cost of production, which is passed on the customer.

SIP Panel Technologies